Research & development since 2011 

100's of prototypes


10 years in China

500+ factory visits// 

led artist 





From as far back as I can remember, me & my younger brother took the batteries out of a broken toy car and touched the wires directly a small wire filament bulb and I 'saw the light, it's was 1984, I was 3 years old.


From a very young age I was blessed with a artistic skill set, as a child my late father (may he rest in peace) showed me the use of tools, my high school work experience was at a local engineering firm making Formula 1 car parts, from that time i have always been a engineer & with the dream of owning my own firm along with my own products, my journey in life has always been one of learning & adventure.


As apprentice electrician to service engineering, by the mid 2000's my passion for Wing Chun Kung Fu found me the opportunity to live & work in China for 8 years. I saw production facilities at a monumental scale, I spent time learning skills and putting my ideas to place. 


Fast forward to day, I am creating beautiful pieces of artwork for vehicles, forged from all materials and the use of machinery combined with talent.


I know I am leading as many companies copy me.


I was born to lead, create & innovate.

Nighttime Industries is a collection of my works forged by time & wisdom, all my expertise and life long experiences fused into products.