As the UK's first company to introduce '4D' characters to registration plates, the style was first introduced in 2011 through our led concept known as Nighttime Running Plates. As the world's first company of led plates our journey is documented through our patents & design registrations.  

We stay steadfast in our skills, research & development to engineer high quality products, trendsetting, game-starting concepts which have been imitated by every other company selling 4D plates.


As the World's 1st road usable led number plate manufacturer, our daring designs challenge the boundaries of normality.  From road legal number plates to bespoke custom pieces for our exquisite clientele.


100's of prototypes

made for road testing// 

research & development since 2011 


'I nearly died thinking it was a motorbike but it was a car with one headlight, that is when i thought 'if the front number plate was lit even with the 1 headlight i will still be able to distinguish between car and motorbike'


10 years in China

500+ factory visits// 


From as far back as i can remember, me & my younger bro took the battery out of a broken toy car and touched the wires on the exposed headlight bulb and i 'saw the light, it's was 1984, i was 3 years old.


From a very young age I was blessed with a artistic skill set, as a child my late father (may he rest in peace) showed me the use of tools, my high school work experience was at a local engineering firm making Formula 1 car parts, from that time i have always been a engineer & with the dream of owning my own firm along with my own products, my journey in life has always been one of learning & adventure.


As apprentice electrician to service engineering, in the mid 2000's T-Tints (the family business) along with my passion for Wing Chun Kung Fu found me the opportunity to live in China for 8 years. I saw production facilities at a monumental scale, I spent time learning skills and putting my ideas to place. 


Fast forward to day, I am creating beautiful pieces of artwork for vehicles, forged from all materials and the use of machinery combined with talent.


I know I am leading as many companies copy me.


I was born to lead, create & innovate.

Nighttime Industries is a collection of my works forged by time & wisdom, all my expertise and life long experiences fused into products. 

Empty the mind and let the Qi flow, for it is your friend and enemy, control your emotions and overcome your fear, let the Qi guide you & The Industries shall Rise.











Alam B Technic





All Vehicle & Number Plate Images are the property of Nighttime Industries - Registered Designs - Patents pending Designed in United Kingdom - Assembled in China