Nighttime Running Plates 


'I nearly died thinking it was a motorbike but it was a car with one headlight, that is when i thought 'if the front number plate was lit even with the 1 headlight i will still be able to distinguish between car and motorbike'

Nighttime Running Plates is only made to meet the legal format i.e Font, Spacing, height, width, stroke etc etc.


 As to the lighting - It's lit in a manner that's easily distinguishable and visible from 18 meters in a diagonal lengths.

Fully Legal in the day, Controversial at night - you decide. 

#Alam B Tecknik  Founder

Back Ground

Electrical & Automotive Engineer

Sourcing specialist

2D - 3D Cad Specialist


7 Years

in research and design// 

100's of prototypes

made for road testing// 

10 years in China

500+ factory visits// 

All Vehicle & Number Plate Images are the property of © Nighttime Running Plates by Nighttime Industries - Shenzhen City China