Nighttime Running Plates 

Back to the beginning

Prototype build 2012

Generation 5 - Current build 2018

Improved vision - safer roads - savings lives


Turn Signal Optimisation

Ever found yourself zoned in to the centre of the vehicle ahead and failed to realise what the lights are doing? With ntrp plates the center also beacons the vehicles intentions with our scrolling turn optimization and heavy braking red light indication

Cost saving Councils?

In the past few years a number of council have been saving costs by switching of much need street lighting, an approaching vehicle on a non lit road makes it impossible to to read the front number plate till its too late, with nighttime running plate it makes that little extra difference.



No Insurance? No lights!

No insurance? No road Tax?

No illumination - visually warns other roads users and law enforcement 


Radio frequency identification applicable for Toll roads - parking facilities. Our plates can automatically light up when emergency or law enforcement vehicles approach making it easier to find 

Showrooms - Car Shows

fatal attraction?

Leaving lights switched on vehicles to attract customers? Our plates can do that for you without leaving the vehicle electronics switched on 24/7

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