Have a thorough read

The Police need Nighttime Running Plates.

What Does the Law say?


The Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001


9.Lighting of rear registration plates

that plate may be lit by a lamp which complies with those requirements but if it is not so lit it must be lit in the manner required by paragraph (5).


(5) This paragraph requires the plate to be lit so that it is easily distinguishable from every part of a relevant area having a diagonal length—


(a)in the case of a plate displaying a mark having characters with a width of 44 millimetres, of 15 metres, and

(b)in any other case, of 18 metres.

What did VOSA say? (formally DVSA)




  • Legal number plate formats only.

  • We will not change size of fonts

  • We will not change or mis- represent characters

  • We do not make custom sizes

  • Full legal to UK specifications

  • Switch on plates at your own risk


14 business days from time of order


1 year manufacturers warranty* 

Warranty not transferable to new owner.

Accident damaged of poorly maintained products will carry a surcharge of £60.00 


We have 2 installation locations available 





All our number plates are made to comply to the legal standard, the led lighting feature is to be used for show or demonstration purposes only.

failing to abide may result in legal proceedings at your own risk.

Speed Cameras

Fully work with all types of ANPR cameras, the lighting effect only enhances the black letters so therefor even better pictures !!

So don't get caught speeding as nighttime running plates are more visible to the eye, human or electronic!!

Got pulled?

Just be nice to the officer(s), their only doing their jobs!


Be smart and kill your plates via the master on/off switch.

Tell the officer your plates are built to all legal requirements and made to exceed British standards regulations. 

The number plate is fully legal during daylight hours and during the hours of darkness, still legal with added safety feature for easier viewing.

They wont believe a word you say - but just agree with them and try get out with a warning,


If not, then still be nice! But just don't sign the ticket, legally you do not have to sign the ticket, as soon as you sign the ticket you are agreeing to the number plate being illegal.

In a event like this we can advise of independent legal firm who have represented us, legal costs if prosecuted are not covered by NTRP, switching on plates are under your own legal risk.


Easy to clean, no need for chemicals! Damp cloth or wet wipe only.

Do not use chemical to clean jet-wash if necessary from 1 meter away,

By continuing you agree to all the  conditions stated



All Vehicle & Number Plate Images are the property of Nighttime Industries - Registered Designs - Patents pending - Designed in United Kingdom - Assembled in China