Competition Edition

So you want to commision the industries for a bespoke one off special, we will throw all our skills and resources to make it spectacular.


A designer number plate is what you going to get.


prices start from £80 and upwads to a maximum of £120 a set, if you wish to discuss your needs and if we can pull it off then feel free to drop us a email of give us a call, were always looking for the next challenge.




Competition Edition

  • Refund policy

    All our plate products are custom built to your registration therefor under the distance selling regulations and therefor non - refundable

  • Dispatch & Delivery

    Delievery from time of comission may take upto 2 weeks depending on the complexity of the piece, we dot just have a idea and go with it, it change it as we go along and if something more creative comes to mind, we will do away with the old and start with the new. 

  • Legality

    These plates are intended for show use only. If you choose to use these plates on public roads then you solely would be liable to prosecution by law enforcement. 




All Vehicle & Number Plate Images are the property of Nighttime Industries - Registered Designs - Patents pending - Designed in United Kingdom - Assembled in China