Whats more tiresome after a long days install or a busy photoshoot and the show plates your are relentless in holding up, the sticky tape has all but perished or leaves residue on a vehicle thats had a £300 wax, wash brazilian.


The money shot you banked on turns into a mare as the plate is sliming off.


Instahang - no nonsense instantly hangs on any lip, made from a single piece of aluminium alloy with hooked finger that grab onto anything.


if you value your time and take pride in your photography then Instahang is your weapon of choice. 





  • Your Branding

    Your in the driving seat on this one, but let us co-pilot you to what you think you need to what actually works for you, were here to guide your through the process.

    Instahang plates are photogenic, with non reflective surface to give you a pristine photo, the money shot!

    Keep it simple, whether its social marketing or blogging - throw us a few bones on your idea and preffered outlook, we will have a look at your business and give you a few design breifs to choose from, once your happy we get on making, there's no hanging around we leave that to Instahang. 



  • Refund policy

    All our plate products are custom built to your registration therefor under the distance selling regulations and therefor non - refundable

  • Dispatch & Delivery

    We aim to delivery all orders on a 2 day delivery service, if you wish for next day delivery please contact us and we will send a link for the next day top up option

  • How it hangs.

    Its simple, we have 3 hangs/fingers that bend backwards which literally hang on to any lipped surface, the fingers come with anti scratch felt so you don't end up scratching the paint work. 

  • Legality

    These plates are intended for photography use only. If you choose to use these plates on public roads then you solely would be liable to prosecution by law enforcement. 




All Vehicle & Number Plate Images are the property of Nighttime Industries - Registered Designs - Patents pending - Designed in United Kingdom - Assembled in China