Nighttime Running Plates NTRP

Nighttime Running Plates (NTRP)   Generation 6 


Technically the most expensive set of number plates in todays market.


NTRP derives from 'Daytime Running lights' which was first introduced to the automotive world by Audi Gmbh back in the mid 2000's.


Our journey started back in 2011 from idea to prototype & eventually paved the way for the UK's 4D number plate craze sweeping the country now in the 2020's


Our vision was ahead of time and and we waited for time itself to catch up with our innovation.

In late 2014 we launched our Generation 1 product to market, we have come along way, investing further in reaserach and develpoment, taking feedback from the product as it covered millions of miles in real world conditions.


We integrated some of the world's leading manufacturers componants, Nikkalite reflective, Cree led modules fused to aluminium alloy exo-skeleton to give a robust product to take on the harhest of British weather conditions, come rain, snow, sleet, fog or ice, Nighttiime Running Plates are formidable to these elements guaranteed to bring the most satisfying vehicle product purchase second to none, with every glance, everytime Nighttime Running Plate will give you that well spent wellbeing & joy. 


Our clients deserve respect, they are knights of the industry - promoting the brand everytime the product is on, the call to arms 'Get k'Night'd' is the calling to those who wish to join the realm. 


As a tribute to our first knight, Sir Sammy Dee owner of the prestigious purple Rolls Royce was our first retail customer and shown as our main product image. 


Are you ready to Get k'night'd ?




There is many FAQ's that need to be awnsered so we have dedicated a few pages to answer these questions. 







Nighttime Running Plates NTRP

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Delivered or Installed?
  • Pricing Explained

    NTRP requires professional installation by us and therefor subject to installation charge.

    Installation charges vary on vehicle, to get a rough idea on the installation costs please go back to the product page and look for the installation icon at the bottom of the product page. 

    Prices start at £200 for the cost of the plates and £100 for the custom built wiring loom, the wiring loom itself is normally made to measure during the installation process and cost is included in the installation fee. 

    For mail orders - we will build the custom wiring and installation pack so you will have all the necessary parts to complete the installation. 

    The delivered total price for NTRP is £300.00.

    For the 6 years of this product being available on the market we have had few cases were the product has been incorrectly installed having not followed our guidelines, leading to faulty product or permanantly damaged plate and customers then have tried to claim under warranty, therefore we highly recommend to complete the purchase with installation. 




  • Warranty

    This product has been road tested and built to exceed British Standards BS AU145 d.

    We provide 12 months standard manufacturer's warranty, however the led lighting is designed for 50000 hours lifetime. Your vehicle wil become a classic car before the plates come to the end of life.

    You have a responsibility to maintain the wellbeing of your plates by regular maintenance, heavily soiled plates from road grime and acidic rain left on the plates will eventually decfect the plate surface if not maintained as any other trim or part on your vehicle from weathering due to lack of care in such instances will retain to right to void the warranty.

  • What's included

    1 set of Nighttime Running Plates. 

    • Front white with white / blue hue light
    • Rear Yellow with Orange light
    • fused connector for fuse box attachment
    • On/off led rocker kill switch
    • Led lighting controller power pack
    • electronic download fitting instructions
    • Pre - applied mounting tape
    • colour coded caps and screws
    • Youtube installation links available at request


  • Lead time and delivery

    Manufacturing a set of custom plates requires extreme precision as each part is manufactured to order, having passed quality checks assembled into a finished product then tested over 36 hour cycle run before being dispatched or ready for installation.

    As your registration is unique we do not stock parts on the shelf.

    Our lead time is usually 2 weeks during less busier periods and 2-4 weeks at peak times.

    You are to spend £300+ on a set of plates so therefor we appreciate you understainding we do not compromise quality for faster delivey times.




All Vehicle & Number Plate Images are the property of Nighttime Industries - Registered Designs - Patents pending - Designed in United Kingdom - Assembled in China