Premium Economy Gloss Black

Our Premium economy range was introduced in 2018 kicking into hyperdrive the UK's 4D trend as a more budgetable option to our prestige Nighttime Running Plates, however it also opened up doors to fierce competition in the market with less experienced companies trying to cash in on a quick buck, nonetheless our high quality has presidented 95% customer return ratio and shows our clients desire quality over price. 


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Premium Economy Gloss Black

  • Maintenance & Installation

    Our plates are very easy to clean, wash away any heavy deposits with car shampoo or soapy water first to avoid scratching from the road grit, then use a damp cloth or sponge to remove dirt deposits.

    Our plates come with pre-drilled hidden holes at both ends of plate should you wish to use them, gently use your thumb and press on the ends to reveal surface dimples, we highly recommend to mechanically fix the plates to the vehicle using the screws provided, if you wish to drill your own holes, use a 3mm drill bit and gently drill holes, place the plate on a wooden soft surface to allow for the drill bit to penerate clean with no sharp burrs. Use the pre- applied tape to mount the plates level, always clean the surface after removing your old plates and make clean of any old tape deposits.

    if you do not use the pre drilled holes, then these will remain invisible throught the lifetime of the vehicle.

    We also supply OEM drilled plates to fit on your original screw holes for mercedes & audi. 

    Please contact us for further information or assistance.

  • Refund policy

    All our plate products are custom built to your registration therefor under the distance selling regulations and therefor non - refundable

  • Dispatch & Delivery

    We aim to delivery all orders on a 2 day delivery service, if you wish for next day delivery please contact us and we will send a link for the next day top up option

  • Legality

    All our plates come with manufacturers name and postcode as required by law. 




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